Meet our Ponies – or adopt one!

The ponies that we use at the Pegasus Centre  are carefully chosen for their temperament, size and ability to work with disabled children and adults.

They are well looked after with regular visits from vets, farriers and even an osteopath who ensure that they are fit and healthy and that any problems are attended to promptly.

Our ponies are so clever that they have even managed to create their own Blog Page!

You can find out what the ponies get up to and even what they are thinking about in their blog .

And if you fancy adopting one of our ponies you can do so – for more details click here!

Adopt a Pony

“Adopting” one of our lovely horses or ponies is a great way to help The Pegasus Centre. You can become the “owner” of one of our ponies.  Your contribution will help us feed and care for the ponies – including meeting their veterinary, farrier and physio bills. In return you get:

  • A Certificate of Adoption.
  • A photograph of your chosen pony
  • A card featuring your pony.
  • The opportunity to visit your pony at the Pegasus Centre.
  • Regular information about your pony.

You can Adopt a Pony and help raise funds for the Pegasus Centre, please contact us for details.