RDA Therapy

The primary aim of the activities provided by the Morpeth RDA Group at the Pegasus Centre is to deliver therapeutic benefits to riders with disabilities.

Whilst it is important that riders enjoy learning to ride and taking part in competitions and other activities, the greatest reward comes from seeing how riding improves the physical and mental wellbeing of riders.

Some riders are referred to us by doctor or physiotherapist.

Others come to us come because they, or their families, have heard, read or seen how riding can help people with disabilities.

The benefits of RDA activities are wide ranging.

The key theraputic factor in RDA is the movement of the horse.

Riding provides physiotherapy on the move; the warmth and three dimensional movement of the horse is transmitted through the body of the rider helping them to relax, and strengthen their core muscles enabling them to become stronger and more supple.

Many riders also find that riding helps improve their posture, balance and coordination.

RDA research also shows that riders experience significant positive change in their capacities for communication, confidence, enjoyment, relating, physical improvement and learning horsemanship.

Adults and children can not only benefit from therapeutic riding with RDA; some centres also provide carriage driving and hippotherapy, when a horse is used to provide physiotherapy.

Recent research showed that:

– 80% of riders experienced physical improvement in 12 weeks or less

– 90% of riders demonstrated improved confidence

– 82% of riders demonstrated improved communication

– 70% improved their ability to build relationships

The Pegasus Centre benefits from the services of a Therapy Adviser, who is a qualified physiotherapist, who works with Instructors and Volunteers to ensure that riders get the greatest possible benefit from the activities that they take part in.