RDA Competitions

The biggest competition event for disabled riders anywhere in the world is the RDA National Championships.

The Championships, which takes place in July every year at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire, is a wonderful weekend of competition with classes across a range of disciplines and other areas including horse care and knowledge, arts and crafts, best turned out and not forgetting the musical ride and drive.

The event demonstrates both grass-roots and world class para-riding and there are events for all abilities.

Dressage and showjumping classes are graded – just like the paralympics – so that all riders involved compete on a level playing field alongside people with a similar disability.

However the first steps towards taking part in these competitions begins at a local level with competitions such as those held at the Pegasus Centre.

Riders at the Pegasus Centre are encouraged to take part in competitions to demonstrate the skills that they have acquired in lessons.

For many riders, taking part, and being awarded a rosette, provides a great sense of fulfillment and pride.

For some riders these competitions are the first steps towards taking part in Regional Championships, where they can qualify for the RDA National Championships.

For details of competitions being held at the Pegasus Centre look at the Events Calendar.