Meet the Team

Our People

Martin Peagam

Martin is the Centre Manager. Although by his own admission Martin knows very little about horses (but is learning fast), he does know something about management having many years of management experience. Being disabled himself, he is also passionately committed to helping people with disabilities discover their ‘abilities’.

Sophie Hurrell Day

Sophie is our Activities Coordinator. She is well-qualified and very experienced in teaching horse-riding at all levels, able to assist and inspire riders whether they be beginners or experienced riders looking to improve particular skills. Sophie is the owner of Jess, a beautiful collie, who is often to be found around the Pegasus Centre (although her favourite spot is a rug in the Pegasus office) and has her own Facebook page.

Emily Froggatt

Emily is the Resources Coordinator. This means that she is responsible for ensuring that everything on the Yard runs smoothly and that the horses, both those belonging to the Morpeth Group RDA School and those of our livery clients are well looked after. Emily is BHS qualified and also assists in the delivery of lessons. Emily has two dogs, Beau and Cas, who have their own kennels on the site.

Malcolm Haigh

Malcolm is the Chairman of the Morpeth Group RDA Trustees. This means that he chairs the group who check that the Pegasus Centre is delivering services for disabled people. However Malcolm is not just a committee man: he is often found helping in lessons and most Monday mornings he and his wife don their pinnies and clean the Pegas

Sam Orde

Sam is not only a founder member of the Morpeth Group RDA, and a member of the Morpeth Group RDA Trustees, but is also the RDA National Chairman.  She therefore has a deep understanding of the issues involved in teaching disabled children and adults to get the best out of horse riding. Sam leads a number of RDa sessions every week and, despite her busy diary for RDA nationally and her own responsibilities as a Northumberland farmer, is closely involved in the operation and development of the Pegasus Centre.

Other Trustees

The Morpeth Group RDA Trustees are responsible for overseeing the activities at the Pegasus Centre and ensuring that it delivers high-quality services for disabled people. The Trustees are all actively involved in activities at the Centre as volunteers, whether assisting with the delivery of lessons and or helping out with the care of horses and the maintenance of the facilities. In addition Trustees get involved with fund-raising, the recruitment of volunteers and other activities.


Of course we could not deliver what we do without the support, skills and experience of an army of volunteers. Our volunteers come in many guises: some are youngsters  (we take volunteers from age 12 upwards) whilst some are retired; some know lots about horses whilst others know very little; some have previous or current experience assisting people with disabilities whilst others have no previous experience when they join us.

All volunteers undertake background checks to determine their suitability to work with children and vulnerable adults and all receive training.

For the past two years one of volunteers at the Pegasus Centre has been named the RDA North Region Volunteer of the Year, demonstrating just how supportive and important our volunteers are.